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8 months later…

A lot has happened at our house since the last fish postings. We are up to 12 tanks that are up and running, and another couple to be set up here at home. I also have a 20 gal on my desk at school, and have spread this addiction to 3 other teachers. SO MANY FISH! Here are the pics for all of our various tanks. We just acquired 3 new Habrosus Cory cats and 3 Malayan Yellow Pygmy Catfish.

Displaying living room stacked tanksStacked tanks in October. Bottom is the River Tank.

Top tank in the living room before I pulled the grandifolia out of the back left corner.
Top tank in the living room before I pulled the Grandifolia out of the back left corner. Look how HUGE it has grown.

Displaying main tankMain tank in the living room.

Blue rili shrimp tank in the living room
Blue rili shrimp tank in the living room

Displaying rillies clean moss ballThese are my blue rilies cleaning the moss ball.

Cherry shrimp tank in the living room

Cherry shrimp tank in the living room

Micro tank in the bedroom. Currently housing 5 Chili raspboras, 3 Celestial pearl danios, 5 pygmy corydoras, 1 banjo catfish, and 1 habrosas corydora (to be relocated).

Micro tank in the bedroom. Currently housing 5 Chili Raspboras, 3 Celestial Pearl Danios, 5 pygmy corydoras, 1 Banjo Catfish, and 1 Habrosas Corydora (to be relocated).

Displaying celestial pearl & chili

The little red ones with the blueish stripe are the Chilis and the little trout looking ones are the Celestial Pearl Danios (CPD)

Displaying banjo cat

Here is the banjo cat chillin’ out in the tree. I am always amazed at how he managed to get into these places since he doesn’t really swim. He propels himself by taking water into his mouth and shooting it out his gills. HUGE mouth on this guy though. So far, he is very peaceful and has not tried to swallow any of the other fish. I was worried because he went from being about an inch long to 3 inches in about 3 weeks. He just seems interested in the sinking pellets we put in to feed them, so it’s all good for now. We will move him to the main tank in the living room eventually since he will get to be about 5-6 inches long. Thankfully, he doesn’t move very often, or very far.

Displaying killi breeder

My Garneri killifish breeding operation. There is a pair on the left and the single BULLY male on the right. We tried the female with him first because he is prettier, and was the larger, of the two males. He was downright mean to her and nipped her tail to pieces. We moved him to the cory tank so we could use his tank to temporarily house some habrosus corys, but he violently killed a ghost shrimp in there and had to be relocated. Moving him was good in that it made the little male more competitive and they spawned almost right away. He is now the same size as the other male, but still more friendly. We have not yet successfully hatched fry…or they have been eaten. The java moss is very happy in there.

Displaying Cory tank

Cory Tank has a species of False Julii catfish, which I like better than the actual Julii. We believe these are actually corydoras trillineatus.

Displaying cory quarentine

I rescued this little guy from the Petco in Woodbury. He was all by himself and the other fish in the tank appeared to have ich. We brought him home (Phil teasing me about not being able to save them ALL) and quarantined him in a 2.5 gal on Phil’s desk for a couple of weeks before moving him in with the others.

Displaying ram's horn snails

These are the ramshorn snails that are sharing the cory tank. This tank was a green MESS before we added them. Now it is super clean.

Displaying Corys and Habrosus.jpg

Check out how tiny those Habrosus Corys are next the the others!

Displaying Malayan Yellow Catfish

The Malayan Yellow Pygmy Catfish hanging out in the Amazon sword I pulled from the River tank. These little guys, along with the Habrosus are going to be moved into the half moon tank in the office once we get it cycled.

Displaying office halfmoon

Not ready for fish yet. We picked up some willow moss to put in here and did a serious water change. We’ve been cycling the filter on the main tank for a couple months since we couldn’t agree on what we wanted to put in this tank, but wanted it ready when we finally decided. I think we have finally settled on Pseudomugil Gertrudae or Pseudomugil Furcatus, whichever we can find first. They had gertrudae at an auction the last time we went to a meeting, but we didn’t know what they were so we passed. We have seen the furcatus at the PetSmart in Woodbury from time to time, but not since we’ve had the tank set up.

Displaying fry hatching area

This is our killifish fry hatching area.  We attempted to hatch Racovii fry that I got Phil for his birthday, and some Red Dwarf Blue Gularis that I got him for Christmas. We managed to hatch 3 of the RAC fry, but we were not successful at rearing any of them to adulthood. We will try to get some more eggs and try again. Ideally, we would actually make it to a meeting for the MN Aquarium Society again and pick some up at either the club auction after the meeting, or make a connection with one of the breeders there.

Displaying assassin chases pond snailHere is one of our Assassin Snails chasing down a pond snail. These little killing machines have wiped out all of the snails in the top tank. We are going to be relocating them to the bedroom tank, where the darn mini rams horn snails have taken over AGAIN, and also in the basement tank with the daphnia because there has been a pond snail explosion down there. The tank is nice and clean though.

Displaying Daphnia tank

We are farming daphnia magna and java moss down here to feed to the fish. There were pondsnail eggs in the java moss I moved down here from the killi breeder (I wanted to see if they would hatch down here because there wouldn’t be any predators…and plenty of food). We haven’t seen any killies, but an epidemic of snails. We will be acquiring a smaller variety of daphnia soon due to the magna getting too large for our fry, and even for many of our adult fish.

Well, that’s what we’ve been up to!


So…summer has flown by and I go back to work/school on Monday. We were so busy having adventures and fun that I didn’t get around to blogging. Well, there are new additions to the fish tanks and some of the residents have grown considerably. Here is a photo journal of what’s been going on.

At long last!

Here are the Sewellia…or rather, here is THE Sewellia. We went to Aqualand to pick up a trio of them, but they only had one. They have not had any shipments of them since, so the pride and joy of the river tank is all alone. For now.

Sewellia (hillstream loach)

Sewellia (hillstream loach)

Sewwllia 2

Sewellia 2


Farlowella, which is type of catfish with a mouth similar to the Otto, but chews wood like a pleco

Brine shrimp hatchery

Brine shrimp hatchery

Thai Micro Crabs

Thai Micro Crabs, which we put in the tank and then have never seen again

So it turns out, when you do a water change and feed the fish brine shrimp, they think that it is time to breed. Our Peacock Gudgeons tried to spawn. It was really neat to watch the male court the female and then get her to go into the plant. She spawned while we were in bed, so I wasn’t able to get the eggs out, so I woke up to a feeding frenzy among the ringed loaches, zebra danios and golden white clouds. The poor male Peacock Gudgeon was trying to protect his area, but he just wasn’t going to stand a chance against that hoard. That’s ok. We weren’t looking to get into the PG breeding business.

We FINALLY decided to get rid of the mini rams horn snails in the original shrimp tank. The Ottos moved to the main tank and the male Endler guppies went to the breezeway for now. We did a bunch of research, and came up with this plan: 3 tbsp alum per gallon.  killsnailsOkay…so it looks like a serious blizzard hit in there. It was successful!

We dismantled the whole tank 3 days later. These are the plants that we got out of there. YES, they ended up filling the 20 gal and half the 15 gal on the breezeway.

Jen's 15 gal

Jen’s 15 gal

20 gal

20 gal

We also got around to putting together a 5 gal shrimp tank for me to breed blue rilli shrimp. This is exciting! Apparently, I won’t be able to put anything else in this tank, except maybe an Otto, because everybody will eat baby shrimp.

Young blue rillies. The males will eventually get red heads.

Young blue rillies. The males will eventually get red heads.

In the dark tank, we have some fun going on. Here is a blue rilli shrimp riding Crash around the top of the tank.

Here is our large male goby. He is getting more blue in the tail and face every day. We will have to try to get a couple more so that he will seriously start sporting those colors. Unfortunately, these don’t spawn in the tank without MAJOR work on our part, so we will have to enjoy the ones that we have.

Male stiphodon goby

Male stiphodon goby

That is all that I have got going on right now. I am hoping to have Jen and my tanks up on Tuesday in our classrooms. We already have a couple of 2.5 gal tanks set up and cycling to get ready for our next adventure KILLIFISH! We’ll see what we get in two weeks at the Minnesota Aquarium Society’s meeting. I believe we are bringing home a pair of F. Gardneri.