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Meditation Jars

I am a bit of a magpie and therefore, I like all things that are shiny. This is especially true when I am stressed out. Well, I teach middle school and have a ton of things going on in my out of school life as well, so stress is a very active part of my life right now. I saw some meditation jars on Pinterest and just knew that I need one. They help me relax AND have glitter people!

Here’s how I did it:

First I gathered some potential jars, glitter glue, glitter and water. Note to self: don’t attempt crafts that include water when using a jar with holes. Yep. Upcycling the parmesan cheese container was a great idea…..not for this project though. Glitter EVERYWHERE!


So then I put all of the glitter and the glitter glue into the Skippy peanut butter jar. I chose the aqua/teal color because it is calming. I’ll get to doing the yellow one for Gabriel another day since I need to tweak how to do it.

I added the water and shook it up. Yeah……It didn’t work as well as I would have liked. The star glitter fell really fast and the smaller glitter took forever. My stress reliever was causing me stress!

Then I got the bright idea to use the leftover hair gel from the letter tracing craft. I waited for everything to settle in the jar and then used a spoon to get the top couple of inches of water out. I added the hair gel (about 1/8 cup) and refilled the water. This worked much better. Still not exactly what I was hoping for, but much better. While talking to a much smarter person than myself, we came up with mineral oil as a logical substitute that would enable the glitter to move, but more slowly.


My meditation jar is sparkly and makes me happy. Check it out though…..I scored a ball that does the same thing! Some silly co-worker thought that counted as a White Elephant gift. HA! That would have been a perfect stocking stuffer for me.






I was sitting here, wresting my dogs off the blanket I was piecing together on the floor, and thinking about how to get my name onto the hippo blanket I’m giving my niece. I was trying to come up with a company name for my creations that wasn’t too cheesy and yet still fit my style and personality. This is where Dragonfly Imaginings begins.

This is going to be such a hodgepodge blog due to the wide variety of crafts and projects that I do as well as all the work I do with the Schnauzer Rescue of MN. While the dogs aren’t dragons or dragonflies, I love them just as much. I think it just looks more than the average creepy when people go around with breed specific clothes on. Nobody blinks at dragons or dragonflies. lol