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Egg Carton Owls

Yep, some more owls. There will be many owls because they are my nephew’s FAVORITE!  On this particular day, I was watching Gabriel at my house and so we got to do some crafting. I had seen this on Pinterest and figured it would be a fun little project.

I cut an egg carton apart so that there were just two of the egg sections attached. Then I cut an empty pop can box into owl body shapes.



I put down a plastic place mat down on my coffee table and gave Gabriel some crayons. I helped him add paint and glitter glue.





His is the one that is all shiny. Mine is the boring crayon one. I did make the feet shiny.






Writing Writing Practice

Sorry it has been so long since I’ve posted. I have been enjoying the birth of my niece, grading essays for my English classes and slaving over putting Halloween costumes together.  First thing’s first. I saw a great little writing practice tool on Pinterest and had to make one for my nephew. The original blog can be found here. The blog suggested putting a contrasting color underneath the bag so that the writing is easier to see. I used 2 bottles of gel and discovered that there was too much. My suggestion is to just use one.

Materials you will need:
1 bottle hair gel (I got one at the dollar store)
1 gallon size ziplock bag
1-2 small package(s) glitter of your choice. I used a plain glitter and one that had little stars.
Enough food coloring to make the gel the shade you want.
Duct tape to make sure the bag stays shut.


And voila! Something for the little nippers to practice writing letters with.