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Spirit Week October 2011

As most middle schools do, we had Spirit Week this past fall.  Since we don’t really do a Homecoming, the week leading up to Halloween was chosen for the festivities. I don’t have pics for every day. I didn’t dress up for nerd day because I forgot over the weekend and showed up at school looking all “teachery”.

Tuesday, Twin Day

 We did realize that Twin Day did not necessarily mean wearing Minnesota Twins jerseys, but it was what we all had in common. Technically, Jenny on the far right was my “twin.” I went to the local thrift store and found some black, rectangle shaped sunglasses and popped out the lenses to match hers since she doesn’t have contacts. I also used the hair curling idea so that my hair was wavy like hers.

Wednesday, Hero/Idol Day

I’m not sure which player Joe  (on the left) had on his jersey, but he was dressed as a Minnesota Wild hockey player. I am dressed up as Troy Polamalu from the Pittsburgh Steelers (GO STEELER NATION!). Can I just tell you how hard it was to find a wig that would give me hair like his? Impossible. I found an 80’s rocker wig that got me close. I call this Troy’s Head and Shoulders hair because it is smoother and less poofy than his actual hair. Josh (on the right) is dressed as Carl Sagon.

Thursday, Culture/Heritage Day

I also forgot to take pictures on culture day. A few of the teachers on my floor decided that we needed to represent a culture other than our ethnic one.  It was agreed upon that we would be the hunting culture, so we all wore various degrees of hunters’ orange/red, tan/camouflage pants, hiking boots and hunting vests.

Friday, Costume Day

For this day, I dressed as a zombie. My outfit itself was not overly impressive. I figured people become zombies in whatever clothes they are wearing when they get bitten, so that detail shouldn’t be too important. I used a You Tube video on doing Edward Scissorhands make-up to learn how to do my face.

The sores started out just on my arm above my watch. I did bring my supplies to school because I was afraid I would need to refresh the make-up from time to time. The neck and hand lesions were added at school because the kids were so intrigued. I did the neck one in the bathroom during my prep, but the one on my hand, I did so they could watch.

I had to reapply the lipstick often. I put the bright red on first and then black over the top. I think that next time, I would get a red lip stain so that I just had to refresh the black.

This was amazingly simple to do. By putting on multiple layers of the liquid latex on. Then, once it is dry, I tore holes in it. This reminded me of when I was a kid and would put a layer of school glue on my hand and then peel it off once it dried. ANYWAY…Once the latex was ripped, I used the red lipstick and colored in the holes. Then I finished it off with some grey eye shadow around the edges to make the skin appear to be rotting.

Monday, Halloween

While not really being a part of Spirit Week, it was Halloween, so I wore my Black Widow costume. I love this one because I get to use Ed, my severed head handbag. He’s been around for quite a few years now, but I never get tired of using him. I bought him at Spencers in the Mall of America. The chains were already on the head, which is what gave me the idea to use him as a handbag. Once I got him home, I used a box cutter to make a slit in the top of his head. Finally, I pulled out some of the stuffing to make room for my lipstick and a small wallet.

My dress is the one from my Guinevere dress post. The only difference is less make-up and my dress isn’t pulled down as close to the corset. Didn’t figure that would be good for school. lol

My favorite accessory for this outfit is my new spider ring. I used to have a phenomenal ring that was a spider named Esmerelda, but I can’t figure out which “logical” place I put her in, so I had to find another one. I was lucky enough to find this one on Etsy from Damngood Designs.


Guinevere Dress

I saw on Pinterest that I could make a dress from one piece of fabric that is just folded over.  I am NOT really a seamstress, so any time I can make a sewing project easier, I’m in!

I started with 3 1/2 yards of a shiny fabric that attracted my magpie eye at JoAnn (thank you Mom for figuring out how much I needed).  With my coupon and a sale, I managed to make this whole dress for about $30. Not too shabby!  The most challenging part of the process to start with was keeping my dogs off the fabric while I was cutting and pinning.

 This is the dress laid out on my living room floor.

I folded the piece of material in half with about 6 inches extra on the back so that it had a bit of a train when I finished.

Then I cut from the corners up to about where I wanted my arm pit to be.  Then I sewed up the skirt and sleeves where I had cut.

The next trick was to cut the neck hole. Yeah….that was easier said than done. I ended up with a HUGE hole.


I had a slight freak out and then decided that elastic could make it all better. There was an added bonus to the overly large hole in that I now had a dress that was dual function. I could wear it lower, or pulled up, for different audiences. Either way, I added the new wig and, as always, my severed head hand bag named Ed.

Adult version