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Christmas Clothes

Silly me bought Leah another two American Girl Dolls. She wasn’t playing with hers much by itself, so I found some on eBay that were inexpensive*. I was going to get one for myself to use as a model so that I didn’t have to borrow the oldest niece’s doll all the time. Seeing them on there for between $12 and $20 made it easy to get more than one. The only problem with this fantastic idea is that now instead of one outfit, I needed to make three! Good thing I enjoy making them 🙂









Fairies (I will make a post in the future with how I made the costumes):





*Just a tip for buying things like this on eBay. I change the list option to “ending soonest” so that I don’t get all excited about something that isn’t going to be finished being bid on for a couple days. I try to catch one that is ending the same day if possible.




My boyfriend’s youngest niece, Leah, loves American Girl Dolls. I think that the prices that they charge for the little outfits is ridiculous so I set out to make some myself. Now, you need to understand that I do not sew. I quilt, which is different because it is straight lines and the edges always match up. To make my life easier, I found a couple of books on Amazon. My favorite, and the one that I use the most, is Sew the Contemporary Wardrobe for 18 inch Dolls. I love this pattern book because it was written for mothers to sew with their children (I’m open to boys sewing and having dolls). The directions are very simple and most of the patterns have very few pieces.

Here are the little outfits that I put together for Leah’s doll:












These two were made from a Simplicity pattern by Aly, the oldest niece:




Happy Leah!