I have a newfound love of decorating cupcakes. Many of my ideas I get from Hello, Cupcake and What’s New, Cupcake by Karen Tack, other ideas I steal from the internet and occasionally, I come up with ideas of my own. I promise to update as I make them in the future, but for now, you get a collage of the ones I made this year.



I made these for The Sherwood Lounge‘s benefit for the Maplewood Monarch‘s Special Olympics team.  My friend Andi and I used Wilton’s Candy Melts that I purchased at JoAnn in orange and brown. I had printed out the butterfly wing pattern and made a couple sheets with multiple wings on them. Then I covered the sheets with wax paper. We put some of the candies into ziplock baggies and melted them in the microwave. Working as a team, she drew the outlines in brown and I quickly filled them in with the orange before the brown had a chance to cool too much.






These are the cupcakes that the girls and I made while we were supervising them during their parents’ vacation. They are supposed to look like popcorn. Yellow food coloring and mini marshmellows make up the popcorn. We cut some of the marshmellows in half, put three halves together with a whole one on top to make each kernel. Not all kernels in the bowl are going to be covered with butter, so we made sure to have some that were the original white. We also added some yellow frosting gel to look more like butter.

 Miniature Schnauzer cupcakes for the Twin Cities Miniature Schnauzer Club summer picnic. The ears are mini marshmellows, the snout is half a regular size marshmellow, the noses are black jelly beans. The eyes are mini M&Ms and the tongues are chewy Jolly Ranchers that I cut and shaped.

  Halloween cupcakes